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After a tough start in life, Richard Farleigh had a highly successful career in finance. He now operates as a business angel, and has backed the most start-ups in the UK. He appeared as a panellist on Dragons’ Den, and is the author of the acclaimed 'Taming The Lion'. Richard offers audiences an in-depth look at the many principles he has used over 20 years to become one of Europe’s most successful investors.

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Richard Farleigh is a serial entrepreneur and private investor. A dragon on series 3 and 4 of BBC2's popular TV show, Dragon's Den, Richard Farleigh speaks candidly about his success and business principles, making him an ideal inspirational and keynote speaker for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Born into poverty in the Australian outback, Richard was one of eleven siblings. His father, a working-class labourer, was a violent alcoholic. Aged two, Richard was taken into care and sent to foster homes. The traumatic experiences saw him labelled "backward" at school but despite this he went on to excel at mathematics and chess, winning a scholarship to read economics at the University of New South Wales.

After graduating with honours, Richard joined Bankers Trust Australia in Sydney. He was then hired to run a hedge fund in the tax haven of Bermuda and moved there with his first wife and baby son. There, he became friends with David Norwood, a chess grand master, and three years later aged 34, he had earned enough to retire young and live a life of luxury in Monte Carlo.

Richard began to invest in small companies, initially as a hobby. One of his first successes as a private investor was IndexIT, a scientific research company formed at Oxford University, later sold for £20 million.

A self-confessed ''deal junkie,'' Richard has backed countless small start-ups to great success, creating a reputation for himself as an incredibly successful investor.

With a fresh focus on inventors with ideas that most investors would not touch, he's busy backing a bunch of British scientific projects that could change the world. The range of his businesses is vast from software and semiconductors to games development and drug research to nanotechnology.

Richard has made millions of dollars after investing his own capital in British technology companies. In 1999 saw him invest £2million in the renovation of the old French Embassy mansion in London's Portman Square, turning it into the private members club, Home House. The business was a huge success and has since been sold for a healthy profit.

He was selected in 2006 to appear as an investor on the British version of the business-related game show Dragons' Den for the show's third series and fourth series. He became a popular dragon on the show as he left candidates with constructive criticism if he didn’t invest.

After leaving the den, he has continued to invest in new ventures from radiation detection equipment to exclusive dating services, Richard has proved his repertoire has no end.

He writes a popular column in the newspaper CityAM, entitled Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur, and is also active in his role as Chancellor of London Southbank University.

Speaking about innovation, entrepreneurialism and the highs and lows of business, Richard is a brilliant speaker ideal for all kinds business events.

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