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Former vice president of Enron, Sherron Watkins both uncovered accounting irregularities and testified before Congressional Committees about them. Displaying the highest levels of ethics in the workplace, Sherron has won countless awards for this feat. She is now a keynote speaker on the loss of trust in companies and the international banking system. Both engaging and eye-opening, Sherron is a distinguished and professional speaker.

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Lauded by the world’s press for her courage, Sherron Watkins came forward when she spotted accounting irregularities in Enron’s books. She warned her CEO of potential accounting scandals in 2001 and is now an international keynote speaker  on the loss of trust in companies and in the US banking system due to Enron and other corporate scandals.

In face of testifying before congressional committees against former colleagues, Sherron could have crumbled. Instead, she stood strong and uses her frightening and challenging experiences to impart her knowledge of business to corporate audiences.

Named by Time Magazine in 2002 as Person of the Year for being ‘right by just doing her job right’, she is one of the world’s most respected and valued whistle-blowers. Other accolades include the Court TV Scales of Justice award; the Women Mean Business Award from the Business and Professional Women/USA Organization, and the 2003 Woman of the Year Award by Houston Baptist University.  She was also named Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine and Distinguished Executive Award for 2003 by the National Academy of Management.

She published Power Failure, the Inside Story of the Collapse of Enron in 2004, and the book has become a best-seller.

As a keynote speaker, Sherron is a true authority on trust in business.

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