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The director of IMD's World Competitiveness Centre and an authority on World Competitiveness, Stephane Garelli focuses on how companies and countries compete in international markets. As a keynote speaker, Stephane analyses the economic environment and measures the prospects - taking infrastructure, education, technology and demographics into account.

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Stephane Garelli is at Professor at IMD, where he founded the World Competitiveness Centre. He is also a Professor at the University of Lausanne and a best-selling author, he is an authority in the research area of competition. A specialist in global business competition, the economic environment and technology demographics. He delivers thought-provoking presentations on how international businesses can make positive developments, whilst teaching delegates how to have a winning mindset. He was also a Member of the International Olympic Committee Commission for Sustainability and Legacy, Stephane is an authority in the area of competition.

His research focuses primarily on how countries and businesses compete in International markets, bringing together external factors of technology and changing economics, Stephane educates companies on how best to compete in a tough environment.

Also, the chairman of the Board of Directors of "Le Temps", the leading French language Swiss newspaper. He was formerly Chairman of the Board of the Sandoz Financial and Banking Holding, and member of the board of the Banque Edouard Constant.

The Professor was the Managing Director of the World Economic Forum and of the Davos Symposium for many years. For twelve years, he was also permanent senior adviser to the European management of Hewlett-Packard.

A member of the Constitutional Assembly of his local state in Switzerland from 1999 to 2002, Stephane is not only a theoretical academic, but has boundless invaluable experience of dealing with people and management issues which, in politics particularly, can raise challenges and issues that require skills and knowledge to overcome.

He publishes the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook - a comprehensive and lauded study on the subject of international competitiveness, which compares the competitiveness of forty-six nations using a list of 250 criteria.

Stéphane is known as one of the top lecturers on economic and business matters in the world, with the skill to analyse the workings of the world economic environment as it changes, and to evaluate how changing business mindsets and practices can improve outcomes.

Equally successful in business as he is in print, Stephane’s best-selling book teaches global business the skills of competition. Having published countless articles and studies on competitiveness, international trade and investments, he is also a columnist in several magazines.

He is also a member of a number of institutes, including China Enterprise Management Association; Board of the ‘Fondation Jean Monet pour l'Europe’; The Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences; The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, the Mexican Council for Competitiveness.

A consummate professional and an expert in the area of competition, Stephane can teach conferences the skills they need to know to survive and thrive. Offering delegates a winning mindset through his take-away skills and positive growth developments, he is a brilliant keynote speaker.

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