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Richard McCann

Richard McCann is a Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author. He has faced such hardship and indescribable challenges in his life, yet has channelled this nagativity into a positive philosophy. Richard shares his unique and heart-rendering story, inspiring audiences and asking audiences to question to way we think. 

A week before his 6th birthday, Richard McCann’s mother was brutally murdered by The Yorkshire Ripper. Years of violence, abuse and neglect followed, and just before he turned inevitably and irrevocably to serious crime, Richard McCann embraced the concept of forgiveness and turned his life around. Now a motivational speaker who inspires businesses to be strong and look to the future, Richard exemplifies courage and triumph over adversity.

When Richard joined the army, he thought the discipline and physical demands would help him along the path of recovery and strengthen his resolve to lead a ‘normal’ life. But when he was shown a picture of his mother’s killer in a magazine, he exploded. Damaging property and threatening his colleagues, he was kicked out of the army on psychological grounds and turned to drugs, and eventually found himself in prison.

Richard's emotive talk blew the audience away. He skillfully combined his own personal story with the message of the conference.
Head of Community and Business Engagement HMP Hull

Just as his home was about to be repossessed in 1997, Richard formed a suicide pact with his elder sister. At rock bottom, Richard had to somehow find the courage and tenacity to grapple his way up from the verge and turn his life around.

When he published Just A Boy, Richard did not expect to sell almost 400,000 copies. The book has been translated around the world, and Richard has made it his mission to help victims, as well as businesses to overcome their own challenges.

In 2009 he founded the iCanSpeak Academy, a foundation which helps individuals, groups and business improve their public speaking, confidence and communication skills.

An adept trainer and inspiring keynote speaker, Richard’s story is heart-rendering and uplifting resolution will take audiences on an emotional journey. 

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What people said about Richard McCann

I found the session today excellent - It was both motivational and also very moving. A true inspiration.
Bank of America
The honest and disarming way in which, with absolute frankness, you shared your own life's difficulties was both moving and compelling.
UK Director of Marketing & Communications of Barnardo's
Richard McCann delivered. The audience were silent throughout. The applause at the end was spontaneous and heartfelt.
Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, Kirklees Branch
We were blown away by Richard's speech.
Royal Armouries, Leeds
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