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Leadership and teamwork expert Humphrey Walters chose the world's toughest yacht race to test his management theories to destruction. Having worked with the World Cup-winning England rugby team and the Olympic Judo team, Humphrey understands the processes required for high performance. Drawing lessons from these experiences, he inspires organisations all over the world as a keynote speaker.

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"Inspirational, thought provoking, highly entertaining and I know that it will promote future discussions and action."
Kent County Council
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The Business of Winning is keynote speaker Humphrey Walters’ game. For over three decades he has successfully inspired and motivated businesses and teams in leadership and management, using lessons learned in the world’s toughest yacht race and with the Olympic Judo team, who left London 2012 with a swathe of medals.

Studying both academic and practical techniques for motivation and success, Humphrey has honed in on the key skills needed in a winning team.

Working with organisations all over the world, he is a knowledgeable and respected expert on the processes required to develop high performance and winning teams.

Humphrey has worked with the Olympic Judo team; the England world cup winning rugby team; premier division football teams; government departments; schools, and businesses of every size. He also worked to develop the team for JCB which gained the world land speed record for a diesel car at Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA.

Putting his theories to the test, Humphrey spent almost a year at sea, competing in the 33,000 mile epic BT Global Yacht Challenge, using the unmerciful and hostile environment to study how teams work when thrust into extreme situations, and how trust and inspired leadership work together to create fusion and success.

His book ‘Global Challenge’ has sold over 30,000 copies and is standard reading in many organisations.

Humphrey has also co-founded MaST International - a worldwide organisation devoted to the development of Management and Skills Training for individuals, teams and organisations, and has written extensively about High Performing Teams and Leaders.

He has run over 35 marathons for charity.

Applying critical lessons from the world of sport to the world of business, Humphrey uses practical examples to teach professional success. An expert in inspirational leadership and team building, Humphrey is a brilliant motivational and keynote speaker.

For further information or to book Humphrey Walters, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email

For further information or to book Humphrey Walters please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

What people said about Humphrey Walters

  • "Inspirational, thought provoking, highly entertaining and I know that it will promote future discussions and action."
  • Kent County Council
  • "I wanted to write personally to thank you and let you know that your session on leadership was particularly well reviewed."
  • Susan Cousin, Programme Director, Specialist Schools Achievement Programme
  • "Very well prepared and relevant to the audience."
  • UKTI

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