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Mark Hunter, Olympic gold medalist, is a natural and charismatic motivational speaker. His win at the 2008 Beijing Olympics was Great Britain's first ever lightweight rowing medal. After adding a silver medal in London 2012 to his accolades, Mark put down his oars. Now CEO of London Youth Rowing, he introduces young people to the sport, igniting new possibilities and opportunities where he can. Dynamic and inspirational Mark easily engages his audience with his personable speaking style.

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"Mark was very personable and was happy to talk to everyone during the breaks. His presentation style was very good and engaging."
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Former Olympic rower Mark Hunter gained a Gold Medal in Beijing 2008 and a Silver Medal in London 2012, before putting his oars to a different kind of use. The champion became the Programme Director at London Youth Rowing, engaging the young in a pursuit they didn’t think was possible and breaking down the ostensibly unachievable.

Engaging in the sport at a young age, Mark was rowing from 14. Attending regular training sessions at the club being cheered on by his father, Mark’s desire to compete for his country was born.

Rowing his way through the ranks at Team GB Mark represented his country in the World Junior Championships in 1995 and 1996 before going on to achieve success at the U23 World Rowing Championships from 1997 to 2000.

In 2001, Mark chose to race as a lightweight and this decision saw him continuous success in the sport in the following years.  In 2005 Mark was appointed captain of the prestigious Leander Club, and he went on to win the double scull in 2006 World Cup.

2008 was Mark’s spectacular year as it was not only the year in which he and Zac Purchase were the only unbeaten crew in world rowing, but also it was the year he took his Olympic Gold medal in Beijing.

Taking 2009 to coach at UCLA, Mark went straight back to his sport shortly afterwards to ensure he achieved a medal on home soil. In 2012 he did just this, taking home an Olympic Silver medal.

After achieving Olympic success twice, Mark put down his oars and took on the role of Programme Director at London Youth Rowing, helping to introduce the young into the sport and open up doors that were once closed. Mark works with donors, aiming to increase awareness and support for the programme.

Alongside this Mark works as a motivational speaker sharing his career highs and lows, and how he managed to achieve his lifelong goals and dreams.

His speaking topics include:

- Teamwork: The Secrets to Success

- The Highs and Lows of Rowing: Failure, Sacrifice, Determination and Winning

- Achieving the Dream

- Moving Forward: What Helped and What Hindered

For further information or to book Mark Hunter, call us on +44 (0) 20 7607 7070 or email


For further information or to book Mark Hunter please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

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  • "Mark was very personable and was happy to talk to everyone during the breaks. His presentation style was very good and engaging."
  • Thames Water

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