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Space & Science Speakers

Our space and science keynote speakers aren’t just lab extraordinaries and champions of STEM, they’re also incredible experts who can take your business to new galaxies! We work with individuals who are celebrated leaders in science, using innovations in the lab to build a better world for everyone.

Celebrated Science Guest Speakers

Our keynote science speakers inspire audiences to become more involved in the STEM world, sharing inspiring discoveries and educating you on the latest developments in the field.

We also work with fascinating space keynote speakers who are out of this world! From astronauts, NASA doctors, researchers and leaders responsible for history defining missions, our space keynote speakers are guaranteed to inspire and motivate teams to reach for the stars!

No matter the niche of your event, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to further discuss your event with our team who will find the perfect science expert for you!

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D   D: £3K - £5K   Inventor of the non-retractable syringe and ApiJect, Marc Koska OBE faced and broke down bureaucratic barriers to fight AIDS, and revolutionise medicine.
C   C: £5K - £10K   Prof for the Public Understanding of Science & Mathmatics, Marcus du Sautoy is a brilliant communicator for events in the public & private sector.
B   B: £10K - £15K   Mariano Sigman is a world-leading neuroscientist. He can boast of over 150 publications in the most prestigious scientific journals. He is also passionate about experimentation and has worked with magicians, chess masters, musicians, athletes and visual artists to showcase his knowledge of neuroscience.
E   E: < £3K   Maxine Mackintosh is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Alan Turing Institute, The Health Foundation and the University of Oxford working on machine learning in health.
D   D: £3K - £5K   Melissa Sterry is a design scientist, futurologist, sustainability innovation strategist, and breaks new initiatives in design, media and the visual arts.
A   A: £15K & Over   Professor of Theoretical Physics and author of 'Hyperspace' and 'Visions', Dr Kaku explains his predictions for science & the impact on business and society.
C   C: £5K - £10K   Dr Miguel is an award-winning scientist, social innovator, CEO and keynote speaker as well as the former Chief Data Scientist of UN Global Pulse. For over a decade, he has brought data and AI to operations and policy through innovation programmes, and has co-authored over a hundred multidisciplinary scientific articles which have been featured in international media and high-impact scientific journals.
C   C: £5K - £10K   Neil Martin is one of Formula One’s foremost data-analytics scientists and was formerly head of strategy at Ferrari and McLaren.
E   E: < £3K   Nick Chater is Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School. He works on the cognitive and social foundations of rationality and language.
D   D: £3K - £5K   Nick is an acclaimed advisor to CEOs and top teams at organisations like Unilever, LEGO and Microsoft, helping to unleash transformative leaders, change mindsets and promote regenerative sustainability. Nick uses practical techniques to simplify complexity, challenging audiences to switch on and step up.
A   A: £15K & Over   Astronaut, aquanaut and artist, Nicole Stott was the first astronaut to paint in space.
B   B: £10K - £15K   A political commentator, advisor and public speaker, Nina specialises in how technology and artificial intelligence is reshaping democracy and global geopolitics.
B   B: £10K - £15K   Ola Rosling is CEO and Co-Founder of Gapminder Foundation, founded alongside his father Hans Rosling. He was formerly Product Manger for Google.
D   D: £3K - £5K   Patrick Baudry is the most renowned French astronaut, and a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the French Air Force.
D   D: £3K - £5K   Paul Rose, is the former Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society, and his successful and challenging career has taken him on all kinds of expeditions.
A   A: £15K & Over   As her popular TED talk made apparent, Dr. el Kaliouby has the ability to simplify and translate complex science, and make it accessible to any audience.

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