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Space & Science Speakers

Our space and science keynote speakers aren’t just lab extraordinaries and champions of STEM, they’re also incredible experts who can take your business to new galaxies! We work with individuals who are celebrated leaders in science, using innovations in the lab to build a better world for everyone.

Celebrated Science Guest Speakers

Our keynote science speakers inspire audiences to become more involved in the STEM world, sharing inspiring discoveries and educating you on the latest developments in the field.

We also work with fascinating space keynote speakers who are out of this world! From astronauts, NASA doctors, researchers and leaders responsible for history defining missions, our space keynote speakers are guaranteed to inspire and motivate teams to reach for the stars!

No matter the niche of your event, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to further discuss your event with our team who will find the perfect science expert for you!

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C   C: £5K - £10K   Roberta Lucca was the CMO and co-founder of Bossa Studios and shares with audiences her experience as a founder, AI, games, the future of marketing and consumer engagement, and how to engage and inspire a millennial workforce.
D   D: £3K - £5K   Sarah Cruddas is at the cutting-edge of our journey into space and even sent her new book into orbit!
B   B: £10K - £15K   Named as one of Britain's leading 'Women of the Year,' every day Shivvy Jervis helps millions discover the incredible human-centered innovations that will get business and society “future ready”. Her research is trusted by over 200 organisations, including Microsoft and the UN.
E   E: < £3K   Simon Singh is an author, journalist and TV producer who specialises in science and mathematics and opens up a fascinating world to anyone who hears him speak.
C   C: £5K - £10K   Co-founder & Chief Executive of the amazing Eden Project, Sir Tim Smit KBE has received many awards and accolades for his outstanding achievement.
C   C: £5K - £10K   TV and Radio presenter, and technology guru, Spencer Kelly has broadcast to the nation upside down, mid-air and hanging off a cliff-face.
A   A: £15K & Over   Got your ticket for the world’s first passenger carrying commercial spaceline yet? With the rest of his London team at Virgin Galactic, Stephen Attenborough is getting ready to open the gates of space travel to tourists.
B   B: £10K - £15K   ‘Global Education Superstar’ (The Times), Dr. Sugata Mitra has been a successful researcher in cognitive science, educational technology and physics for more than 30 years.
C   C: £5K - £10K   Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE is the first female director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain and is a world-renowned research scientist who specialises in the human brain.
A   A: £15K & Over   Tan Le is an innovator, inventor & entrepreneur, and is the Founder and CEO of EMOTIV, a neuroengineering company specialising in breakthrough brain interface technology.
D   D: £3K - £5K   Nuclear chemist, Dr Tim Gregory is passionate about science and the wonders of the natural world. When he’s not in a lab, he can be seen in public appearances and media activities where he shares his knowledge and love of science to audiences of all sizes and ages.
A   A: £15K & Over   As the first British ESA astronaut to visit the International Space Station, Tim Peake's Principia mission captured the hearts and minds of millions.
C   C: £5K - £10K   Tim Spector is a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Director of the TwinsUK Registry at Kings College. He is ranked as being in the top 1% of most cited scientists worldwide. His current work focuses on omics and the microbiome and directs the crowdfunded British Gut microbiome project.
D   D: £3K - £5K   Yassmin Abdel-Magied is an engineer, author, broadcaster, and award-winning social advocate. Her powerful TED talk, “What Does My Headscarf Mean to You” has more than 2.5 million views and was selected as one of TED’s top 10 ideas.

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