Dave Gunson

Former Air Traffic controller, Dave Gunson is both an expert in aviation and hilariously funny. Sharing his brilliant career anecdotes with his audiences, Dave makes for a sought after after-dinner speaker. Dave is an expert in giving presentations and telling witty and heart-warming stories, giving audiences an insight into the world of flying, he is sure to produce laughs, raise eyebrows and make the night one to remember.

One of the most sought after after dinner speaker in the UK, Dave Gunson is the ideal choice for any corporate event, gala dinner, awards night or conference.

Dave was born in Yorkshire and started his working life in a Sheffield steel mill.  His ambition to fly was restricted by the poor visibility in the rolling mills so he decided to join the Royal Air Force, where he flew Shackletons in Coastal Command for twelve years.

He spoke very well and had the whole audience engaged. He was a very nice man and arrived on time and was a pleasure to work with.
Uptown Events

His love of flying continued into his civilian life where he became an Air Traffic Controller at Birmingham Airport, which is where all the fun started.  He has been talking down aircraft for twenty-three years, and as Dave used to say "my aim is to stick at the job ‘till I get it right!"

In his hilarious after dinner speeches, Dave Gunson reveals some of the secrets of Air Traffic Control, along with gut wrenching stories of near misses, and the a peek into the world that passengers and civillians rarely get to hear about. 

Dave is a former American Express Speaker of the Year and he has spoken for most of the top companies in the country.

Speaking Topics

After hearing air traffic controller Dave Gunson speak, flying will never be the same!

- Flying

- Air-traffic control

- Comedy


For further information or to book Dave Gunson, call us at Speakers Corner on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email info@speakerscorner.co.uk

What people said about Dave Gunson

Dave was an exceptionally funny man and pitched his after dinner speech perfectly. Everyone loved him.
The Association of Play Industries

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