Frank Furness

Motivator, trainer, and international speaker, Frank Furness worked as an elite sales consultant. Now transferring his skills to the speaking circuit, Frank is influencing and entertaining audiences with his tried and tested business advice and comical speaking style. An author and internet marketing guru, Frank has something to offer everyone. His motivational speech will inspire the corporate audience. 

Frank Furness is an inspiring motivational and after dinner speaker who has influenced audiences all over the world with his comical and animated speeches.

Frank was born in South Africa and is now living in London, where he works as a motivator, trainer and public speaker. He spent 20 years working successfully in sales, management and training and was amongst the elite group of sales consultants around the world, having twice qualifying at MDRT Top of the Table.

You were rated the top speaker out of the 18 speakers. Noted as motivational, very good, and relevant to all.
European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC) - Brussels

As a Certified Speaking Professional, Frank is known for using many of his own personal stories, along with multiple sales and management ideas in his speeches. His endless amount of energy and rare enthusiasm has led to several organizations hiring him as a consultant.

In 1997 Toastmasters International recognized Frank as one of the top 5 most humorous speakers in the UK. Then in August 2001 Frank was listed in the US magazine ‘Meetings and Conventions’, as one of the ten most sought after speakers on the professional speaking circuit. His ability to deliver speeches in a charming and captivating manner has made him a success among audiences in 25 countries and he delivers over 100 speeches every year.

Frank has spoken on goal setting, motivation and positive mental attitude on many radio talkback and television shows internationally. His interview on Bloomberg TV regarding the 2002 FIFA Football World Cup, was shown in 86 countries worldwide.

Frank has received international recognition as one of the world’s top motivators, trainers and keynote speakers. He is also the past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe and past Chair of the International Experts Group for the National Speakers Association in the USA. His past clients include the British Olympic Team, The Professional Cricketers Association, Sporting Champions and Sport England.

  • Walking with Tigers
  • The Future of Business
  • Adapting to a Digital World 
  • Lessons from Mandela

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What people said about Frank Furness

Ranked as one of the most appreciated contributors at the event. His presentation provided thought-provoking new perspectives!
President and CEO, Abacus International Pte Ltd
The content was one of the best (if not the best) I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.
Sales & Marketing Manager, MFH Group Of Companies
Frank received the highest score of the year - 9.5. Many members described this as a magical learning day and were euphoric.
Our consultants have been buzzing since this session - as well as a vastly improved sense of team spirit!
Infinity Financial Solutions Asia.
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