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Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke is an engaging and lively conference and after dinner speaker. As the former Chancellor of The Exchequer, Ken is an ideal choice to deliver an insight in to the current political and economic climate. During his time in charge of the Treasury, Ken oversaw interest rates, inflation and unemployment fall, making Ken Clarke an ideal choice to steer audiences through political and economical upheaval. 

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke CH QC is a lively, open and informative keynote speaker.

He first entered the House of Commons in the 1970 General Election as the Conservative MP for Rushcliffe. He stood down ahead of 2019 General Election. 

He was a magnificent speaker: well informed, eloquent, topical, passionate and extremely entertaining. Fantastic feedback from all.
Gordon Dadds LLP

After a succession of appointments in and out of government, Ken Clarke was made Minister for Health in March 1982.  In 1985 Ken was promoted to the Cabinet to take up the role of Paymaster General and then Minister for Employment.

Following the successful Conservative campaign in the 1987 General Election, Ken was appointed Minister for Trade and Industry.  Ken started to rise up the political ranks initially as Secretary of State for Health from 1988 to 1990 and then as Secretary of State for Education and Science until April 1992.

In 1992 Ken Clarke became the Secretary of State for the Home Office.  He held this job for just over a year until May 1993 when he became Chancellor of the Exchequer.  He inherited this post after the events of Black Wednesday, the resignation of Norman Lamont and the decision to leave the ERM.  During his time in charge of the Treasury, Ken oversaw interest rates, inflation and unemployment fall. Ken was highly praised for his valiant efforts and during this period developed a sterling reputation.

In May 1997, the Conservatives were defeated in the General Election by New Labour under Tony Blair. Ken successfully held his seat and returned to the House of Commons in Opposition. During the opposition government Ken took up various roles in the business world, including being Deputy Chairman of British American Tobacco Plc and non-executive Chairman of Alliance Unichem Plc. He has also worked on the backbenches.

Able to insightfully delve into the inner workings of politics and the Conservative government, Ken is an adept keynote speaker who can cover the private and public sectors, business and current affairs. 

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What people said about Ken Clarke

Feedback has been extremely positive with your presentations seen as stimulating, thought provoking and the highlight of the events.

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